Patrick Brienen: we fucked up so you don't have to

Hi there! I'm SaaS Sales expert that grew a business from zero to €10m revenue and I am here to help you.

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The program

The 6h workshop "we fucked up so you don't have to" has one goal: I want you to avoid the mistakes I did and I wan't to pass on the stuff that allowed orderbird to grow faster than any other company in our industry in Europe. 

Growing a business in early stages (0-20 sales reps) is completely different from later stages. When we started I found tons of books, blogs and mentors that will tell you stories, concepts and theories. However no one had the balls to tell me what action had priority and how to implement it properly. 

In contrast to that I will let you know exactly what I think you should do. I will share all the tools, slide decks, excel sheets and other wichcraft on how I think you should implement this in your sales organisation. Precisely and step by step. 

This is no workshop that you leave impressed but desoriented. This is a workshop that you leave with two pages full of proper homework and so motivated that you will not sleep for the night. 

You pay what you think is right. No questions asked.
If your expectations are met my suggestion is €1200.- net per participant

You will...


  • rethink your business model and your positioning. 
  • build a sales-efficient segmentation.
  • learn how efficient sales organisations change over time. 
  • be given the most important standards you need to have according to your level of growth.
  • hear about my secret sauce to selling.
  • witness the magic of BLUBZEWE.
  • dive into the subject motivation and its connection to a person's value set.
  • receive the knowledge to avoid hiring the wrong guy with a chance of over 99.9%.
  • get to know how to manage a sales team effectively without the romantic sugar coating.
  • dig through the salary and commission schemes that really work. 
  • understand the few KPIs that you need to watch and learn how to track them.
  • be granted a personal motivational analysis by Dr. Josef Merk (value 500€)
  • receive all tools that I developed and/or use(d).


Seminar kann und werde ich definitiv weiterempfehlen!!
— SVEN GASPER Geschäftsführer Studydrive
BLUBZEWE, Vertriebsführerschein und die von Dir geweckte Passion für Standardisierung helfen uns jeden Tag. Danke dafür!
— SEBASTIAN HUST Mitgründer & Geschäftsführer Talentcube UG
Ich erfreue mich noch immer sehr über die vielen Learnings
— MARC SCHLEGEL Geschäftsführender Gesellschafter Lizza GmbH
Vielen Dank für den inspirierenden Workshop! Die Sicht auf die Zukunft meiner Firma ist wesentlich schärfer geworden. Ich finde es bewundernswert wie professionell ihr die Sachen anpackt. Definitiv ein Vorbild!
— LARS OLSSON, Cashlink Payments GmbH
Vielen Dank für diesen krassen Workshop. Ich spüre,
wie viel Herzblut Du in dieses Thema steckst. Ich bin sehr beeindruckt.
— Niels Lindenthal CEO
Nach allem Feedback, das ich eingesammelt habe, warst Du überragend. Dein Thema passte, Du bist ein motivierender Speaker, hast tolle Geschichten erlebt und teilst diese.
— Gerald Hoff - Berlin Startup Camp
Nochmal vielen Dank von meiner Seite. Es war wieder einmal sensationell
— Jesse Hartinger Geschäftsstellenleiter Business Angels Club Berlin-Brandenburg e.V.
Danke für Deine Zeit und den wieder perfekten Vortrag! Das macht Spaß Dir zuzuhören, auch wenn man meint, sich bei dem Thema etwas auszukennen!
— Thomas Dankwart, CEO perfecto Managementberatung
Der erste Workshop, der nachhaltigen Einfluss auf unser Unternehmen hat.

Next workshop

Date: to be announced

Location: City of Berghain


Say hello! 

We don't have to get married just yet. Let's simply talk about if this workshop can help you achieve your goals or not. Rest assured I don't want to waste my time. 

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Patrick is a very goal oriented sales manager that does not take no for an answer. He is known to fascinate the people around him and is not afraid to leave the comfort zone. 


Sydney Student Events
Oct 2006 to Dec 2007

Sales Manager
Siemens Communications
Aug 2004 to Dec 200

Chied Revenue Officer / co-founder
orderbird AG
Jan 2011 to present

Key Account and Project Management
Pascher + Heinz Sports Marketing
Aug 2008 to Dec 2010


International Business
Leopold Franzens Universität Innsbruck
2004 to 2008

International Marketing
Australian School of Marketing (UNSW)


Keynotes, Trainings, University: 

18.03.2018 Skinnovation, Innsbruck

patrick brienen skinnovation
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12.04.2018 Startup Camp Berlin 2018, Berlin


17.06.2018 Vertriebsmanagementkongress 2018, Berlin

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04.07.2018 Young and restless by Telefonica

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October 2018, ABS, 3 day Sales Training (Retail)

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23.10.2018, DIGEMO by Management Circle

digemo 2018 frankfurt.JPG

29.10.2018 Start-Up Talk by Hasso Plattner Institut

Fall 2018, Lecturer at HTW University of Applied Science Berlin

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15.11.2018, Gründen, Fördern, Wachsen

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